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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

For a majority of weight loss clients their issue is treatable with the aid of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. A contributing factor  of weight gain can be a medical issue, for this reason it is advisable to consult with your health care professional if you believe this is the case.


However, to visit EH Hypnotherapy a doctors referral is NOT required.

Hypnotherapy is tailored to work with the habits, emotions, and psychology of weight loss to help you achieve the body you want and mindset to match.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss: 
  • Counselling and hypnotherapy for weight loss and management
  • Annihilate binge eating 
  • Destroy cravings 
  • Eliminate unconscious bad habits and patterns  
  • Gain motivation and drive
  • Make dieting and exercise easy 
  • Hypnosis can give you back control over your life
  • Booste self-control and motivation for continued success

EH Hypnotherapy is happy to work with your GP or specialist when working with weight loss.


Clients can come for a single session or a 4-session program.


A doctor's referral is NOT required to visit EH Hypnotherapy. 

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