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EH Therapy's 4 Point Plan


Each session involves some counselling and a discussion of the issues the patient is experiencing. 

This discussion will continue with every session so the therapist and patient can monitor progress.


We educate patients on different treatment options as well as hypnotherapy.


Understanding your condition is also vital for successful treatment.

We should all be aware of 'why' our brain is doing what it's doing. 


EH Therapy likes to separate themselves from other therapy services by offering our patients coaching and therapeutic techniques which they can take home and practice to help relieve their issues. 


It's preferable for patients to use the hypnotic treatment option with all their sessions. 

Hypnotherapy can be a misunderstood treatment but we find it to be one of the more beneficial for a range of issues.

Our Approach

Through education in psychology, and training in hypnotherapy we've created our own style of therapy and coaching. We have also designed our own structured programs and proven systems to help anyone overcome their psychological issues, or to teach people the tools and mindset to reach their potential.

About Your Therapist

Evan Haines (BA Psych)

Degree:  Psychological Science

Diploma: Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy 

​Certificate: Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy 


The Right Help and EH Therapy 


Evan is listed with the National Hypnotherapy Registry of Australia


Alumni of the University of Adelaide


Membership with the Australian Hypnotherapy Association 


Trained and educated through ICHP


Studied Psychological Science through the school of psychology


Worked with Cove FC for performance enhancement & anxiety



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