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Evan Haines Hypnotherapy

Evan Haines Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapist in Adelaide

With over 5 years of education and 9 years of experience in the field of hypnotherapy, Evan Haines aims to help clients transform their lives and to reach their full potential.

By combining hypnotherapy, counselling, psychology, and performance coaching, Evan is able to offer a powerful method for his clients to achieve success.

Please feel free to call Evan
PH: 0413 757 313

Appointments can be made over the phone or by clicking the link below.

EH Hypnotherapy 
4-point plan for each session



Each session involves some counselling to discuss the problem that the client is experiencing. 

This discussion will continue every session so the therapist and client can monitor progress.



It's important for the client to understand what their mind is doing. It will aid in successful treatment.

The client should always know 'why' their  brain is doing what it's doing. 


Client Techniques 

EH Hypnotherapy believes it's important to give the client techniques which they can take home. 

These are always simple techniques to help maximise the clients success.



Each session includes hypnotherapy.

Most of the time in each session will be using hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to help the client see lasting changes.

Our Approach 


EH Hypnotherapy believes that keeping clients in therapy week after week might not be the best use of their time and resources. We believe the best approach is to work with the client and give them the tools, inner resources, and ability to solve their problem now and well into the future.


Therapy should be incorporated so you can live your life while seeing continued results. We believe the best approach is to use a combination of counselling and hypnotherapy so the client can achieve their goals.

EH Hypnotherapy does offer single sessions. However, the best approach is with the structured 4-session plan, which utilises the years of experience and education undergone by your hypnotherapist, Evan Haines.

About Your Hypnotherapist

Evan Haines (BA Psych)

Degree: Psychological Science

Diploma: Hypnotherapy 

​Certified X2: Hypnotherapy


Any questions about hypnotherapy?

call 0413 757 313 


Therapy Sessions

The Right Help and EH Hypnotherapy 

National Hypnotherapy Registry of Australia


Evan is listed with the National Hypnotherapy Registry of Australia

Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy


Trained and educated through ICHP

Adelaide University Psychology


Alumni of the University of Adelaide

Psychology, Hypnois, Psychotherapy


Studied Psychological Science through the school of psychology

Australian Hypnotherapy Association


Membership with the Australian Hypnotherapy Association 

Cove FC, Hypnosis Performance


Worked with Cove FC for performance enhancement

What are people saying about EH Hypnotherapy 

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