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Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking 


Quitting smoking with hypnotherapy has been proven to be a natural alternative and effective. Smoking affects people's bodies, receptors in the brain, as well as creates psychological habit. 

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy:
  • Beat smoking and vaping once and for all​
  • Break the habits around cigarettes 
  • Destroy nicotine addiction 
  • Remove the bad habits around smoking, vaping, or nicotine 
  • Control cravings and create new healthy habits
  • Techniques for managing  stress
  • Learn strategies around social situations and smoking
  • Successfully quitting nicotine

Smoking often becomes a part of a client's daily life, which often makes it difficult to quit. Many clients become frustrated and disillusioned because cigarettes have been a part of their life for so long.

Hypnotherapy utilises the subconscious mind to aid a client in the quitting process. We also use smoking cessation techniques that the client can take home with them.

EH Hypnotherapy is happy to work with your GP with helping you quit smoking .


A doctor's referral is NOT required to visit EH Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherpy to quit smoking

What are people saying about EH Hypnotherapy 

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