One of EH Therapy's structures is the Four R’s.

  • Resilience

  • Resourcefulness

  • Realignment and

  • Resolution

E.H. Therapy’s four R’s will aid patients to reach their success and to overcome the obstacle in their life.

Resilience - Is an internal state, it’s a type of endurance that allows people to find solutions and keep their chin up. We can understand resilient people as not just being physically tough but instead they are emotionally and mentally tough. Resilience is a universal quality that is built into our complex psyches.

Resourcefulness – Is the individual differences within each of us. When we work with resourcefulness we want to find the individual differences that each of us have that can help us overcome any obstacle in our own way. Resourcefulness can sometimes be the hardest quality for people to connect with. A lot of people don’t even know how powerful and resourceful they can be.

Realign – This is the point of change. To build these two techniques into the patients mindset so they are permanent and easily accessible at all times. It’s the point of permanent change where you integrate and become the new you.

Resolution – Now we can finish up by resolving the issue, we may have a few small sticking points or we may have identified some other areas to focus on solving. Hopefully we are at the point where we can understand ourselves on a new level, with our original issue behind us. This involves moving forward into our ideal future. For example someone who has had depression may not know what life is like to be free from their crippling illness. This section is about understanding that future possibilities are endless.

This structure and model is what separates E.H. Therapy from all other hypnotherapists and psychotherapists.