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Our Approach to Hypnotherapy 



EH Hypnotherapy and your Road Map To Success: 

Clients have the option of the following session

  • Single session (for anxiety, depression, weight loss, trauma, etc.)

  • 4-session plan (for anxiety, depression, weight loss, trauma, etc.)

  • And quit smoking session


Clients can also try a single session to see if they like the treatment. The price of the single session can then be taken off the 4-session plan.


4-session plan:

Session 1

  • Counselling to understand what is troubling you.

  • Psycho-education and explaining what is happening psychologically.

  • Technique 1 – an exercise for you to understand your thought process.

  • Hypnotherapy - helping you understand that part of your mind that has become a problem.


Session 2

  • Counselling for a deeper understanding of the negative patterns and habits.

  • Technique 2 – teaching you how to interrupt negative patterns and habits.

  • Hypnotherapy – designed to help you take back your control and power.


Session 3

  • Counselling for deeper insights into the issues that might be holding you back.

  • Technique 3 – lessons for an unstoppable mindset.

  • Hypnotherapy – understanding yourself by confronting the past.


Session 4

  • Counselling for long lasting solutions for continued development.

  • Technique 4 – stopping unhelpful thoughts, emotions, or behaviours, and replace them with the right thinking.

  • Hypnotherapy - dealing with roadblocks and negative beliefs.

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