Quit Smoking 

Quitting smoking with hypnotherapy has been proven to be quite effective. Smoking affects people's bodies, receptors in the brain, as well as the psychological habit. 

EH Therapy can assist with...

  • Stop smoking 

  • Cravings 

  • Removing bad habits 

  • Managing  stress

  • Relaxation 

  • Successfully quitting cigarettes, nicotine gum, and inhalers/vaporisers. 

Smoking often becomes a part of a client's daily life, which often makes it difficult to quit. Many clients become frustrated and disillusioned because cigarettes have been a part of their life for so long.

Hypnotherapy utilises the subconscious mind to aid a client in the quitting process. We also use smoking cessation techniques that the client can take home with them.

A doctors referral is NOT required to visit EH Therapy.