Hypnotherapy Service

Hypnotherapy employs a variety of techniques, one of which is inducing the trance state. This state is ideal for creating change and working with internal processes. Hypnotherapists utilize the hypnotic state and proven techniques as one method to communicate with the subconscious mind, so the therapist and patient can work together to change behaviour, perception, and cognition. 


Hypnosis uses naturally occurring human mental states called ‘trance’. A trance is a term for an altered state of consciousness or awareness. In the case of hypnosis, it is an intense state of focus, using the hypnotherapist purely as a guide to move towards a solution for the patient. 

Generally, sufferers of anxiety, depression, and stress have been battling their condition for some time. Sufferers often seek help after they realise that it’s not going to get better on its own and that it can actually get worse with time. The good news is that anxiety, stress, and depression are completely treatable. 

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