DASS 21 - Free through EH Therapy  

The ‘DASS 21’ is a quantitative measure of distress along 3 axis: depression, anxiety, and stress.

The DASS 21 is comprised of 21 questions that will assess your subjective experience of depression, anxiety, and stress. The DASS 21 provides a small and quick insight into a person’s emotional and mental states. It gives a ‘snap shot’ of mental health and results can vary from day to day. The DASS 21 may also b
e used as a monitoring tool, which can record how people are progressing with therapy and treatment. Because of this, the DASS 21 is a useful assessment tool.

Click the button to complete the DASS 21 for free. It only takes 5-10 minutes; However, it can be insightful and beneficial to you. The DASS 21 should be used in conjunction with therapy, your GP, or other mental health professionals.


The DASS 21 is to be used for guidance and monitoring. If you feel you have anxiety, depression, or stress please contact EH Therapy or see your health care professional.

EH Therapy offers hypnotherapy and psychotherapy treatment depression, anxiety, and stress.